Welcome to St. James's Episcopal Church in Cambridge, MA, a community known for its diversity, enthusiasm and joy in the Gospel. 

Regular Worship Schedule: Holy Eucharist Rite 1, Sunday 8:00 AM in the side chapel; Holy Eucharist Rite II with music: Sunday 10:30 AM (Nursery for toddlers available in the Vestry); Church School begins at 10:15 AM for children ages 4-10 at Pine Village Preschool (2067 Mass Ave.) & for children 11-18 at 2161 Mass. Ave.


Lent is now upon us. We are invited in this season to reflect on every aspect of our lives, to listen for how the Spirit might be calling us to heal, grow, or begin anew--and to practice. Besides our ongoing Sunday Bible Study, Tuesday morning PRAXIS, & Tuesday and Thursday Morning Prayer opportunities, below are some of the wonderful Lenten opportunities. Please see the descriptions below, and JOIN US!

This Lent at St James's, we have a unique opportunity to reflect, listen, and practice in a dimension of our lives that often feels distant from our faith : our economic and financial life. How does our faith call us in our economic life----as individuals, a parish, and a larger society? What does it mean to practice economic discipleship, and live in right economic relationship with God and neighbor? Join us for  a 5-week Bible Study on "Discovering God's Economy" at St James's. Based on a curriculum developed by Criterion Institute (where our congregation member, Nicholas Hayes, works), the Bible Study will bring together Scriptural study with reflection on our own place and role in the economy. It will culminate in taking action--as participants lead St James's in making a micro-loan to a local business. The Bible Study starts next Tuesday, February 24th, from 6:30 to 8 PM at the St James's offices. It will continue on Tuesdays during Lent: March 3, 10, 24, and 31. A light soup supper will be served. Please contact Nicholas Hayes (nick.nc@gmail.com) if you are interested or would like more information. The flier at - http://criterioninstitute.org/1kchurches/ - offers a description of the larger Criterion initiative to which this belongs--1k Churches. 

Lent is the season to turn to God and renew one’s faith.  Come join others at St. James’s – some newcomers, some long-timers – who will gather to explore the Way of Jesus in the Episcopal Church on Sunday afternoons from 4 to 5:30 PM, Mar. 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd, a break to focus on Palm Sunday, Holy Week & Easter, and then concluding April 12th, 19th, & 26th.  We will read The Episcopal Way by Stephanie Spellers & Eric H.F. Law, which you can order in advance on amazon.com.  We Anglicans (Episcopalians in the Anglican Communion) center our practice of common prayer in Scripture, Tradition & Reason and that enables a Christian faith that is “always open,” always looking toward the future with a strong sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and evolving creativity, always looking for Christ manifested in each other and the whole of Creation.  We’ll dig into our worship, our theology, our use of Scripture, our history, our pursuit of God’s great Commonwealth of shalom, of justice, peace & wholeness. If you desire to use it in this way, this class will also prepare you for the sacrament of Confirmation as an Episcopalian, at St. Paul’s in Malden on May 2nd, 2015.   Please rsvp and let Holly know of your interest at rector@stjames-cambridge.org. Space in the class is limited to 12.

… from where you put it, in the large labeled box at St. James's, to an orphan in Kasese, Uganda. How does the money we collect in Lent get spent?  The Jubilee Ministry of our diocese is providing support for orphans at the Bishop Masereka Center in Uganda.  

At 4:30 PM every Tuesday, a group of women gather for a meal at Friends' Meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge, sponsored by St. James’s.  Though only women can attend – the meal is designed to provide community to women who have suffered abuse – men certainly can support the effort by cooking!  Let Anne Shumway know what date you’d like to help at ashumway@ix.netcom.com

The Holy Currencies:

6 Blessings that Sustain Missional Ministries at St. James's

At St. James's, we’re talking about ALL the “Holy Currencies” and how they increase and support each other and in turn, support us to pursue God’s Mission in a sustainable way at St. James’s. So what are "The Holy Currencies?"  We know about the Currency of Money.  But as any "endowed parish" knows, money alone doesn't sustain a vibrant ministry, nor keep it focused on God's Mission of justice and mercy, advocacy and reconciliation in a world that, despite its inherent beauty and abundant creative energy, is divided, unjust and broken. For that, we need other "currencies" less quantifiable but no less critical, and those currencies need to flow one into another, multiplying each other endlessly to energize God's Mission.  The need for a flowing Currency of Time & Place is one we know poignantly well, as we await the building of our new parish house, since we have had to find currency of place by the grace of our neighbors, the Pine Village Preschool for our church school, the Friends for our offices and Women's Meal, the Fresh Pond Apartments for our Food Pantry, and as we find our schedules impacted and our anxiety rising at our over commitment, finding currency of time hard to dispense in the flood tide of priorities in our lives. Time & Place depend upon and flow from another Currency, the Currency of Relationship.  It is the desire for relationship that motivates parishioners to offer their houses for a Newcomers' Meal or a Lenten Class.  It is the fruit of relationship that enables us to expand our "footprint" from the Food Pantry to the "Cooking Nights" at Fresh Pond so our guests at the Food Pantry become our friends.  And it's the fruit of relationship that supports the vibrancy of our parish life “in diaspora,” relying on the kindness of our neighbors as we wait to build our parish house. Currency of Relationship flows directly from the Currency of Truth, in which everyone in a congregation feels heard, can express their views without rancor, and stretches to listen carefully and hear the views of people very different from themselves, and in which we become able to hear and be moved to action by "the cries of the poor" in our surrounding community.  The prison ministry, the Anti-Oppression Team, and the Outdoor Church are all places where the currency of Truth flourishes at St. James's. And it's Currency of Gracious Leadership that keeps that space open and inviting for both Relationship and Truth to expand and deepen in worship, formation, and outreach ministry.  All these Currencies - Money, Time & Place, Relationship, Gracious Leadership, and Truth - flow together to enhance our fundamental Currency of Wellness, that rootedness in God's goodness, love and abundance that grounds itself in worship and reminds us that we are each of us beloved of God and gifted to increase God's love in the needy world. 

St. James's Activities:

St James's Episcopal Church - 1991 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02140

Offices located at 2161 Massachusetts Avenue at Milton Street

New Parking for St. James's during construction!

When we begin construction, we will be using the parking lot behind the Henderson Carriage House on Mass Ave. To get there, you go west on Mass Ave, pass the Hess Station on your right, and immediately after the Hess station, turn right on Hadley Street. Then turn left into the parking lot.

Weekday evenings after 6 pm, Saturday and Sundays only.

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