Welcome to St. James's Episcopal Church in Cambridge, MA, a community known for its diversity, enthusiasm and joy in the Gospel. 

Holy Eucharist Rite I, Sunday 8:00am in the side chapel; Holy Eucharist Rite II with music, Sunday 10:30am (Nursery for toddlers available in the Vestry); Church School begins at 10:15 for children ages 4-10 at Pine Village Preschool (2067 Mass. Ave.) & for children 11-18 at 2161 Mass. Ave.


This Lent, St. James’s will offer several ways to renew our baptisms, fulfilling the invitation in Ash Wednesday’s Exhortation in the Book of Common Prayer: “I invite you, … in the name of the Church, to the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God's holy Word.” Besides our ongoing Sunday Bible Study, Tuesday morning PRAXIS, and Tuesday and Thursday Morning Prayer opportunities, below are some of the wonderful Lenten opportunities: our Dollar-a-Day Lenten Ingathering benefiting Kenya Self-Help Project (recipient of a St. James’s Missions Grant, assisting young girls to stay in school); volunteering in our monthly Food Pantry (next distribution, Saturday March 11th, see John Bell, lead organizer - j.frederick.bell@gmail.com); a Lenten class on addressing the sin of racism by reading essays from “The Fire This Time” by Jesmyn Ward, using contemplative practice, and cultivating a “rule of life” to sustain the work of undoing the dynamics of racism and white supremacy, led by Yvette Verdieu, Michelle Holmes,  Molly McHenry and Olivia Hamilton; keeping a Lenten Carbon Fast; Holly Antolini’s annual “Practicing the Episcopal Way” class, an introduction to the Anglican perspective on the Christian; and a weekly meditation on Daniel Berrigan’s “Stations: The Way of the Cross” in preparation for creating our own congregational Stations of the Cross for Good Friday - https://www.amazon.com/Stations-Way-Cross-Daniel-Berrigan/dp/0060607661.  See the descriptions below... and JOIN US!


Please join Michelle Holmes, Molly McHenry, Yvette Verdieu, & Olivia Hamilton for a Lenten discussion as we renew our baptismal covenant and continue the work of dismantling systemic racism both in our hearts and in our communities. On March 5 we will begin by viewing "I Am Not Your Negro", a documentary about James Baldwin, at the cinema in Davis Square. In the coming weeks, we will then break into two affinity groups (one for people of color and one for white folks) and meet twice over a meal in our separate groups to reflect on essays about race from the book "The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks About Race," edited by Jesmyn Ward (times and dates TBD, in the second, third & fourth weeks of Lent). For the final meeting the affinity groups will come together on the Fifth Sunday of Lent, April 2nd to share a meal, pray and reflect on our discussions, using the Guidelines for Communication Across Difference from our anti-oppression trainers, VISIONS Inc.  Michelle, Yvette, Olivia and Molly will co-facilitate this class, with Olivia & Molly, who are white, leading the discussion in the white sub-group and Michelle and Yvette, who are people of color, facilitating the group for people of color. Dividing up in this way is a “best practice” among those who work to dismantle racism, as it permits self-reflection with a freedom & safety that can be challenging in a mixed group.

Here’s the schedule of the class: 

- March 5 2:15  I Am Not Your Negro at Somerville Theater in Davis Square (for those who have not seen or would like to see again!)

- March 12 Olivia and I will be out of town

             Group for POC meets at 6pm 

- March 19 Group for white folks meets at 1:00pm

           The Anti-Oppression  team meets at 6pm

- March 26 Group for white folks meets at 1:00pm

             Group for POC meets at 6pm

- April 2 Both groups come together to share a meal, reflect and pray at 6:00pm

We will be providing copies of the essays, no need to buy the book unless you wish to. There is financial assistance for the cost of the movie ticket if needed. Please RSVP to Molly at mollymaie@gmail.com or 503-453-0090. We hope you can join us as we work to love each other as God loves us!


Kenya Self-Help Project will be the recipient of our one-dollar-per-day offering for Lent. Every Sunday in Lent, we are invited to put a dollar per day for the week past in the small wooden boxes by the chancel steps. We’ve been making this offering for AIDS relief for many years, and it often amounts to more than the .07% of our operating budget that the Anglican Communion challenges us to contribute to Anglican partnerships around the world. This year, our donations go to our Missions Grant-supported Kenya Self-Help Project, a comprehensive girls empowerment and AIDS prevention program that is a model for strengthening self-esteem and elevating the social role of women.  The program trains teachers and organizes school-based Girls Clubs.  During weekly meetings, girls learn decision-making skills and receive accurate reproductive health and AIDS education.  To reduce absences, girls receive Dignity Kits containing underwear and locally-made reusable sanitary napkins.  The program also supports a training program in sustainable agriculture and builds gender-sensitive latrines for girls at partner schools.  The purpose of this program is to raise girls' self-esteem by keeping them in school and giving them the tools for self-empowerment. Think what your dollar-a-day in Lent can do for a young woman on the other side of the world!


Lent is the season to turn to God and renew one’s faith.  Come join others at St. James’s – some newcomers, some long-timers – who will gather to explore the Way of Jesus in the Episcopal Church on Sunday afternoons from 4 to 5:30 PM, Mar. 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th and April 2nd, followed by full immersion in the observance of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday through the Holy Triduum of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil, as well as Easter Sunday morning, April 9th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. We will read The Episcopal Way by Stephanie Spellers & Eric H.F. Law, which you can order in advance on amazon.com.  We Anglicans (Episcopalians in the Anglican Communion) center our practice of common prayer in Scripture, Tradition & Reason and that enables a Christian faith that is “always open,” always looking toward the future with a strong sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence and evolving creativity, always looking for Christ manifested in each other and the whole of Creation.  We’ll dig into our worship, our theology, our use of Scripture, our history, our pursuit of God’s great Commonwealth of shalom, of justice, peace & wholeness. If you desire to use it in this way, this class will also prepare you for the sacrament of Confirmation as an Episcopalian on October 7th.   Please rsvp and let Holly know of your interest at rector@stjames-cambridge.org. Space in the class is limited to 8.


We will gather in the Baptistry at St. James’s from 5:45 to 6:15 PM on the five Sundays of Lent for a half-hour meditation on the beautiful “stations of the cross” that Jesuit brother, poet and social activist Daniel Berrigan and artist Margaret Parker created in 1989 using Ms. Parker’s terra cotta reliefs, Berrigan’s poetry, and Scripture. They called their version, “Stations: the Way of the Cross.” Holly has several copies that she will bring each Sunday, and you can buy this book online second-hand if you wish, though it is currently out of print. There are 14 stations in the classic stations of the cross. We will read at least two and sometime three each Sunday over the five Sundays of Lent, sharing in the reading and pausing for quiet meditation between sections. It’s possible we may also sing, on occasion, as the Spirit moves us. We hope some will use this meditative time not only for Lenten renewal but also as preparation for a congregation-created and congregation-led Stations of the Cross on Good Friday at our evening Good Friday liturgy.


Care about our environment? Want to know more about what you or your family can do to combat climate change? Join many around our Diocese and around the world in the Lenten Carbon Fast by abstaining or reducing your carbon footprint supported by prayer and meditation about and for our environment. This is an excellent, family friendly introduction to how to mitigate climate change. If you would more information or sign up to receive the daily emails throughout Lent go to: http://www.macucc.org/carbonfast. For more information, please contact Anne Ipsen Goldman.


John Bell, our lead organizer for the Helping Hand Food Pantry – (j.frederick.bell@gmail.com) - is putting a team together to staff our once-a-month Food Pantry at 364 Rindge Ave. on Saturday March 11th. Want to step out and meet those who contend with food insecurity in our very prosperous community?  Let John know you’d like to show up, either on Friday midday to receive the deliveries from Greater Boston Food Bank and Food for Free, or on Saturday when the distribution happens! 

St. James Place Project Moves Forward!

St. James’s Episcopal Church and Oaktree Development are pleased to announce that following a settlement between the parties, the existing lawsuit concerning the planned redevelopment of the existing car wash and parish house has been dismissed.   The redevelopment project is located at the corner of Beech St and Mass Avenue in Porter Square.  The new addition to St James’s will provide attractive and much-needed housing as well as parish house facilities for the church.  It is also planned that the project will help preserve the newly refurbished historic Richardsonian neo-Romanesque church and its beautiful garden.

Having anchored the Beech St. corner since 1864, St. James's made an innovative partnership with Oaktree Development to build 46 LEED-certifiable apartment residences above the church’s ground-floor parish house.  Five of the new residences will be affordable, and the new, first-floor parish house will be totally handicap accessible, opening into the church's Knights Garden. Within easy walking distance of shopping, the T, and the commuter rail, the new mixed-use building is an outstanding example of "smart growth" along the Massachusetts Ave corridor.

The church's "new neighbors" in the apartments above will have access to the church's children's play yard, and will overlook the church and its garden. The church's and the residents' parking will be under the building.  Planted in 1910, the original garden was a collaboration between the church and the Masons, using a plant list from city planner John Nolen. The refurbished garden design has had the benefit of extensive input from the St James’s congregation as well as engaged neighbors, and will, as always, remain fully open to neighbors and the public during daylight hours. The church looks forward to having its library and parish house entrance right on Massachusetts Ave for the first time in its history. Having worked together to achieve such an amenity for public enjoyment, Oaktree, St James’s and its neighbors are now glad to be finally moving forward.

If you would like an update on construction plans, go to the Saint James Place construction website at http://saintjamescambridge.com/.

Meanwhile, enjoy our FAQ sheet on the restoration plans below! 


See the history of St. James's church and garden, and our exciting redevelopment plans in detail in the PowerPoint presentation below:

New Hours & Location for Helping Hand Food Pantry!
St. James's Helping Hand Food Pantry is moving to a new room at 364 Fresh Pond Apartments from its previous one at 362, as the old room is becoming a large community room. Our new room shares premises with after-school and cooking programs, so our new hours will be:
Tuesday 12:30-2:30pm: Open to all  
Thursday 11am-1pm: Open to all 
Saturday 10am-12pm: Residents of Cambridge, Somerville and Arlington Only  

The Holy Currencies:

6 Blessings that Sustain Missional Ministries at St. James's

At St. James's, we’re talking about ALL the “Holy Currencies” and how they increase and support each other and in turn, support us to pursue God’s Mission in a sustainable way at St. James’s. So what are "The Holy Currencies?"  We know about the Currency of Money.  But as any "endowed parish" knows, money alone doesn't sustain a vibrant ministry, nor keep it focused on God's Mission of justice and mercy, advocacy and reconciliation in a world that, despite its inherent beauty and abundant creative energy, is divided, unjust and broken. For that, we need other "currencies" less quantifiable but no less critical, and those currencies need to flow one into another, multiplying each other endlessly to energize God's Mission.  The need for a flowing Currency of Time & Place is one we know poignantly well, as we await the building of our new parish house, since we have had to find currency of place by the grace of our neighbors, the Pine Village Preschool for our church school, the Friends for our offices and Women's Meal, the Fresh Pond Apartments for our Food Pantry, and as we find our schedules impacted and our anxiety rising at our over commitment, finding currency of time hard to dispense in the flood tide of priorities in our lives. Time & Place depend upon and flow from another Currency, the Currency of Relationship.  It is the desire for relationship that motivates parishioners to offer their houses for a Newcomers' Meal or a Lenten Class.  It is the fruit of relationship that enables us to expand our "footprint" from the Food Pantry to the "Cooking Nights" at Fresh Pond so our guests at the Food Pantry become our friends.  And it's the fruit of relationship that supports the vibrancy of our parish life “in diaspora,” relying on the kindness of our neighbors as we wait to build our parish house. Currency of Relationship flows directly from the Currency of Truth, in which everyone in a congregation feels heard, can express their views without rancor, and stretches to listen carefully and hear the views of people very different from themselves, and in which we become able to hear and be moved to action by "the cries of the poor" in our surrounding community.  The prison ministry, the Anti-Oppression Team, and the Outdoor Church are all places where the currency of Truth flourishes at St. James's. And it's Currency of Gracious Leadership that keeps that space open and inviting for both Relationship and Truth to expand and deepen in worship, formation, and outreach ministry.  All these Currencies - Money, Time & Place, Relationship, Gracious Leadership, and Truth - flow together to enhance our fundamental Currency of Wellness, that rootedness in God's goodness, love and abundance that grounds itself in worship and reminds us that we are each of us beloved of God and gifted to increase God's love in the needy world. 

St. James's Activities:

St James's Episcopal Church - 1991 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02140

Offices located at 2161 Massachusetts Avenue at Milton Street

New Parking for St. James's during construction!

When we begin construction, we will be using the parking lot behind the Henderson Carriage House on Mass Ave. To get there, you go west on Mass Ave, pass the Speedway Station on your right, and immediately after the Speedway station, turn right on Hadley Street. Then turn left into the parking lot.

Weekday evenings after 6 pm, Saturday and Sundays only.

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