Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost 

Holy Eucharist

September 28th, 2014

St. James’s Episcopal Church-Porter Square, Cambridge 


This Sunday at St. James’s:  

•    8am Holy Eucharist Rite I in the Chapel 

•    10:30am Eucharist Rite II with Music

The Lectionary for Sunday, September 28th: Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16, Philippians 2:1-13, Matthew 21:23-32.


Serving on Sunday, September 28th: Presider/Preacher: the Rev. Holly Lyman Antolini; Acolyte: Marian King; Readers: Iselma Carrington, Sarah Borgatti; Intercessor: Sylvia Weston; Chalicers: Yvette Verdieu, John Hixson, Anne Shumway; Welcomers: Isaac Martinez, TBD; Nursery: Monte Tugwete, Carolyn Taylor; Director of Music: Pat Michaels.

Sunday News Summary

Short on time? Here’s a brief list of the most important goings on in the next two weeks. Keep reading for more details:

     September 28th, following the 10:30 service: HOLY CURRENCIES MINISTRY FAIR & GROWING TOGETHER FUND CELEBRATION: we celebrate the completion of our “Growing Together, Building in Faith Fund” to furnish and fit out our new parish house, as we celebrate also the wide variety of “currencies” flowing in the ministries of St. James’s Episcopal Church

       September 28th: next meeting of Book Club will take place following the Ministries Fair

       September 30th: St James's to Host 'Squeaky Leaks' Public Report on Natural Gas Leaks - see below for more information!

       Oct. 4th at 2 PM: John Thomas Kittredge and Charles Morehead marriage at St. James’s; all are invited!

       Oct. 5th: St. Francis Day Celebration and Blessing of the Animals

       Oct. 5th: Prison Ministry monthly team meeting following the 10:30 Service- see below for more information!


       Oct. 19th: Our annual pledge campaign begins! Kate Hornstein offers a Living Epistle.


Sunday Sept. 28th is a special day at St. James’s: we will be celebrating the completion of our Growing Together, Building in Faith campaign to furnish & fit out the new Parish House, a campaign begun in 2011. THANK YOU, ST. JAMES’S CONGREGATION, FOR YOUR GENEROUS GIVING TO THIS FUND!  You have already paid for essential and extensive repairs to our historic 1880’s slate church roof, and you will be making our new Parish House hospitable when we (finally!) get it built.  We’ll be celebrating this occasion with a fine feast from the Hospitality Committee and a Holy Currencies Ministries Fair sponsored by the Vestry, where you can learn about the immense variety of work our congregation does, both inreach and outreach, social justice work and Christian formation work, as well as worship, the heartbeat of our life together as Christ’s Body at Beech St. & Massachusetts Ave.  And you can sign on to get involved!  Look for the helium balloons that will tell you where our Ministry Leaders are, and ask them about the ministry they serve and the way it connects all the currencies of relationship, gracious leadership, truth, wellness, money, & time & place together in a great flow of God’s Mission.





St. James’s Climate Marchers

Voices from among our St. James’s Climate Marchers in New York City last Sunday: Rachel Evans reports, “In daughter Lydia's words "It was AWESOME!"  I was pleased to find Anne, Sarah and Nancy and walk with them for a bit…” Bob Massie observed, “ It was a mind blowing experience, particularly when we began to realize just how big it was.  I know that the organizers were hoping for at least 100,000.  The later numbers came in at 310,000 then nearly 400,000.   At one point the march stopped because the avenues and cross-streets were simply full. Daughter Kate talked half of her high school class nto going.  I said that was great and she said, "Yes … but what was wrong with the other half?"  It was, as Rachel said, awesome, in all the sense of the word.” Sarah Forrester had a poignant moment: the sacrament of a dead bird, eloquent of the trouble we’re in: “I wore a climate march banner shirt [I made] to the march. I made it out of repurposed materials. I was very distressed to find a dead humming bird on 5th avenue. How did it get there?  Why did it die?  What does it mean?  What should I do with it? The letters on my shirt were the color of the bird’s feathers, and they read, ‘This fragile earth, our island home,’ from Eucharistic Prayer C. [Notwithstanding the tragedy of the bird,] it was  a mammoth, exhilarating experience and a thrill to have been there.” And Nancy McArdle sent this message: “I was really tired yesterday—after getting up at 5am , taking the train down to NYC, standing for 2 ½ hours, walking for another 4 (I decided to explore the High Line after the march,) and then taking the train home.  But it was definitely worth it!! “ More images are at the end of the Sunday News: scroll on down to find them!  And let’s figure out what we’re called to do NEXT to follow up on the imperative that drew those hundreds of thousands to New York and other demonstrations around the world.





[Kaleidoscope Institute graphic of the Holy Currencies]

This Sunday, our Vestry is sponsoring a "Holy Currencies Ministries Fair" to showcase all our ministries at St. James's and invite the congregation into deeper participation in those ministries and therefore increase the flow of the Holy Currencies to sustain our participation in God's Mission. So what are "The Holy Currencies?"  We know about the Currency of Money.  But as any "endowed parish" knows, money alone doesn't sustain a vibrant ministry, nor keep it focused on God's Mission of justice and mercy, advocacy and reconciliation in a world that, despite its inherent beauty and abundant creative energy, is divided, unjust and broken. For that, we need other "currencies" less quantifiable but no less critical, and those currencies need to flow one into another, multiplying each other endlessly to energize God's Mission.  

The need for a flowing Currency of Time & Place is one we know poignantly well, as we await the building of our new parish house, since we have had to find currency of place by the grace of our neighbors, the Pine Village Preschool for our church school, the Friends for our offices and Women's Meal, the Fresh Pond Apartments for our Food Pantry, and as we find our schedules impacted and our anxiety rising at our over commitment, finding currency of time hard to dispense in the flood tide of priorities in our lives. Time & Place depend upon and flow from another Currency, the Currency of Relationship.  It is the desire for relationship that motivates parishioners to offer their houses for a Newcomers' Meal or a Lenten Class.  It is the fruit of relationship that enables us to expand our "footprint" from the Food Pantry to the "Cooking Nights" at Fresh Pond so our guests at the Food Pantry become our friends.  And it's the fruit of relationship that allows us to negotiate a new church school trailer with the staff at the City of Cambridge for our waiting time till the parish house is built. Currency of Relationship flows directly from the Currency of Truth, in which everyone in a congregation feels heard, can express their views without rancor, and stretches to listen carefully and hear the views of people very different from themselves, and in which we become able to hear and be moved to action by "the cries of the poor" in our surrounding community.  The prison ministry, the Anti-Oppression Team, and the Outdoor Church are all places where the currency of Truth flourishes at St. James's. And it's Currency of Gracious Leadership that keeps that space open and inviting for both Relationship and Truth to expand and deepen in worship, formation, and outreach ministry.  All these Currencies - Money, Time & Place, Relationship, Gracious Leadership, and Truth - flow together to enhance our fundamental Currency of Wellness, that rootedness in God's goodness, love and abundance that grounds itself in worship and reminds us that we are each of us beloved of God and gifted to increase God's love in the needy world.  Come feast and see how all these Currencies are flowing in the ministry at St. James's this Sunday at The First Annual Holy Currencies Ministries Fair!



The St. James's Anti-Oppression Team gathers for its first meeting this year at Holly's house this Sunday, sharing rice-and-beans in a getting-to-know-you gathering before considering our mission statement and norms for the year.  We're looking ahead to a training with VISIONS Inc. in multicultural communication and understanding, together with the Vestry and other leaders, in the middle of November.  And to finding ways to move out into the wider congregation and community with our commitment in Christ to combating the dynamics of privilege and exclusion that seem to be endemic to our human souls, dividing us and pitting us against each other in denial of God's generous abundance and blessing. As Didi Millien said in her Living Epistle last Sunday, the A-O Team is leaning into the fourth baptismal vow, to "seek & serve Christ in every human being." It's that basic... and that demanding!



JT Kittredge & Charles Morehead will be joined at 2 PM on Saturday October 4th. All are invited to come and join the blessing & celebration of these wonderful couples!




Join us in a wonderful “Procession of the Animals” with our mask-wearing Church School children on Sunday October 5th at the 10:30 service, and afterward, on our front steps, for a Blessing of the Animals. Every year we take time on the Sunday closest to St. Francis’ Day to bless our stuffed and live pets and remind ourselves how very important our relationships with the natural world are.  The whole liturgy on October 5th will be devoted to this work of re-membering the Earth in communion with all God’s Creation.  It’s especially poignant to make this remembrance in the wake of the huge Climate March in New York City last weekend, knowing that our Eucharistic communion with the rest of Creation is essential to our survival.  In the Book of Genesis, God sent us forth “in dominion” over the earth.  Dominion in the sense of domination is certainly what we have exercised with more and more thoroughness and much thoughtlessness.  But “dominion” (whose root is connected to the Latin dominum, which means God) can also means, to function as “Lord,” to lead in Godly fashion, and that involves not power but love first and foremost, and deeply responsive caring. Today we enact that caring with our pets, and we bless them and ourselves to learn how to extend the same caring to the whole Earth.


This fall, beginning on Sunday October 5th, we are going to begin administering communion differently than we have until now, both to communicate to the all in the congregation their priority in receiving the bread & wine of Eucharist and also to keep the energy moving forward in our worship. All our ushers, chalicers, assisting clergy & acolytes will gather for a brief rehearsal of the new choreography that Sunday morning, Oct. 5th at 10 AM, to learn how this will work. Up until now, we have administered communion to the clergy, acolyte & chalicers at the altar first before dispatching everyone to serve the congregation. Now, instead of administering communion to the altar party first, we are going to move from the fraction anthem immediately to the rail of both the high and chapel altars to the serve the congregation.  As soon as the presider has pronounced “The gifts of God for the people of God,” chalicers will receive their chalices without having partaken, as paten-bearers will also receive their patens, and all will proceed to their stations to distribute the communion to the congregation. Ushers will assist the congregation in moving promptly to the railing at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer. Only after having fed all who approach the rail will those at the high altar return to the altar to share communion.  Those at the chapel altar will finish distributing communion to those at the chapel rail and proceed into the congregation as usual to offer communion to those who cannot come to the rail, as well as to the nursery and to Pat, before returning to the high altar, where they will communicate each other at the last. If their distribution has taken more time than that at the high altar, the chapel altar party will return to the high altar via the baptistry, as the rest of the high altar party will already be assembling at the front of the chancel.

All will then join the presider at the front step of the chancel for the post-communion prayer and blessing, and the final recession. Bearing the processional cross, the acolyte will station themselves on the nave floor at the bottom of the chancel steps, at the center, facing out to the congregation for the post-communion prayer and blessing. The presider will stand at the center of the top step, with any assisting clergy on either side, and chalicers will line up behind the assisting clergy for the post-communion prayer and blessing.  As soon as the congregation begins to sing the recessional hymn, the acolyte will begin to move forward down the aisle with the cross and the clergy & chalicers will follow.  As the chalicers reach the pews, they may peel off and rejoin their companions in the pews if they wish, while the clergy and choir will continue to recess to the rear of the nave for the dismissal.

Thanks in advance to all who join us for the training at 10 AM on October 5th, and for assisting us in making this new procedure for the distribution of communion a smooth and positive experience for everyone. And deep thanks to all who participate in the service of communion at St. James’s! 




St James's to Host 'Squeaky Leaks' Public Report on Natural Gas Leaks

The underground pipes that provide natural gas for heating and cooking to homes and buildings of all types in eastern Massachusetts are notoriously leaky. In addition to being wasteful, these leaks pose risks to health, present danger of explosion, and accelerate climate change. Continuously keeping track of new and old leaks is a daunting challenge, and many people are unaware of the extent of the leaks."Squeaky Leaks" is a program of Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET) to meticulously catalog leaks street-by-street in Cambridge and

Somerville, and spur corrective action. On Tuesday, September 30, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, St James's will host the public report from the Squeaky Leaks Program in the church sanctuary. The event will feature experts including Joel Wool of Clean Water Action; Leak Mapper, Bob Ackley; and Squeaky Leaks Program Specialist, Ashka Naik of HEET. Refreshments and conversation will follow the presentation of findings and recommendations. The extent of leaks in Cambridge and Somerville has been largely unknown until this time. Come hear about the risks we face, the causes of this problem, and what can be done about it. 


Judith Atkinson, our beloved Associate Rector for Church School & Family Ministry has an exciting new chapter ahead, even if it breaks our hearts to release her into it.  Her husband, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Burns, will become Associate Dean & Director of Ministerial Formation at Trinity College Theological School in Melbourne, and Judith will likely become the Vicar of a redeveloping parish there.  Thank God we have these gifted ministers with us through Christmas!  Read all about it at this link on our website:


Financial Report from the Treasurer: WE NEED YOUR OFFERINGS NOW!

As the summer draws to an end, we have several developments to report.  First, if you have pledged or donated to either the General Fund or the Growing Together Capital Campaign, you should have received a statement reporting on contributions received up until the end of June. We are working to correct a number of problems with the database, so if you find errors, please let us know. THANK YOU & BLESS YOU, those of you who have sent catch-up contributions in response to the statements!  And SPECIAL THANKS to the many who have fulfilled their whole Growing Together pledge! This brings us to the state of our operating budget, as summer winds down: the General Fund is lower than expected, largely because over-all donations have fallen behind the expected level, especially from pledgers. This often happens in summer, but as we move into the fall and reflect on the Holy Currencies, including the Currency of Money, we NEED to make sure that the resources are available to support St. James's many missions. Remember the wonderful stretch we made to cover the Rev. Judith’s 1/3-time salary.  She still needs to be paid for her excellent work!


For years, we have been plugging in extension cords and switching switches to put light in the crossing at the head of our church nave.  This summer, the Sound & Light Committee - Peter Merrell, Steve Clark, Mardi Moran, Andrew Rohm & Sr. Warden Sylvia Weston - have coordinated all those different light sources on one timer, as the first step toward moving them to a single switch.  They also reoriented the lights so that they don't dazzle the Choirs and liturgical ministers as directly as before.  For the time being, those holding meetings in the church do not need to switch off these lights when they leave the building, as the timers will turn them off.  THANK YOU, Sound & Light Committee! 



If you could meet with the next Governor, what issue would you raise with her/him? Please add your issue to the lists on the card table with the flowers during the coffee hour. Every voice makes a difference!  OR send me an email at the address below. For more information, contact Tom Tufts at or speak to him in Coffee Hour. 



Looking for a way to go deeper in your relationship with God? New to St. James’s? New to church? There are many possible ways to get connected: Consider a small group.  Try one of our two weekly bible studies, our Morning Prayer service on Tuesday & Thursday, or perhaps the every-other-week book group.  Look outward and get active: join the team working on health care initiatives with GBIO, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.  Or the Prison Ministry team.  Or cook and share meals with local women in The Women’s Meal.  Email Holly Antolini at to make a date for a conversation and discernment about your call to join our common journey toward God.


To register for the Sunday News, go to our website,, and click “News,” then “The Sunday News” in the tool bar. That will give you this week’s news, and a way to sign up to receive future News in your email.  (Be sure to check your spam filter if you don’t begin right away receiving the News when you’ve signed up.  Some filters scoop our News into your spam file.)


Our Facebook page is at 




Our informal group has begun again to discuss the Sunday scriptures in the hour before the main Sunday worship service. This year, it will be led collaboratively by the Rev. Judy Gay, the Rev. Reed Carlson, and Didi Millien. We will share our questions, knowledge and ideas as we consider what each passage means in its historical and Biblical contexts and then what we hear the spirit saying to us in our present liturgical, social and personal contexts. We meet at 9:15 in the vestry room, to the left of the sanctuary, and finish by 10:15 so that people can set up for the nursery. For more information contact us at 617-547- 0838 or (Judy and John Gay).


The Book Club has a new book to read: A History of God: The 4,000 -Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Karen Armstrong. If you have already read it a long time ago we invite you to look at it again and come join our discussion. We feel it is an extraordinarily thought-provoking and timely book. The Sunday Times (London) calls it “a brilliantly lucid, splendidly readable book. Armstrong has a dazzling ability; she can take a long and complex subject and reduce it to the fundamentals, without oversimplifying.” 

Our new time is the fourth Sunday of each month the 10:30 service. Our next meeting will be optional and will take place TODAY, Sunday, September 28, following the Ministries Fair. Please read Chapter 2 (‘One God’) and come to our new meeting place, the church nursery. During the Fair we will mix with the Coffee Hour folks and recruit additional members to the Book Club. Since we will be busy in the Ministries Fair during Coffee Hour, staying after the Coffee Hour to discuss Chapter 2 will be optional. Otherwise our next meeting will be Sunday October 26, when we will discuss Chapter 3, ‘A Light to the Gentiles.’ At that meeting anyone will be welcome to make comments on Chapter 2 as well as chapter 3.


Questions:  Please note passages that struck you as particularly helpful or provocative in thinking about your own spiritual journey and be prepared to share about one of them with the rest of the group. For more information contact Tom Tufts at   


On Tuesday mornings at 7:30 am, we gather in the church office at 2161 Mass Ave. on the corner of Milton St., for an hour of "spiritual practice" or "praxis." After opening with a brief time of prayer and praise, we focus on an exploration of the coming Sunday's Gospel lesson. We use the technique of lectio divina, or spiritual reading, letting God’s Word address our lives and listening to each other share what God’s Word says to them. This is a drop-in event; no preparation is necessary.


Following the PRAXIS bible study group every Tuesday morning, and on Thursday mornings as well, a small group reads the office of Morning Prayer and offers intercessory prayer in our downstairs Parlor at the American Friends Service Committee. Come join us for this ancient Anglican rite of common prayer!




On September 16, your Vestry met for its regular monthly meeting. Reed Carlson, St. James’s transitional deacon, discussed his upcoming activities, including participating in Sunday liturgy, sharing in the leadership of the Sunday morning Bible Study and a pastoral care practicum.  We committed to participating in Anti-Oppression training in November, discussed the Holy Currencies Ministries Day & Growing Together Campaign Completion on Sept. 28, reviewed leadership for the Nominating Committee and Currency of Money Committee, and received the financial report.  Steve Clark gave an update on the good progress of the Sound and Light Committee, and we discussed continuing issues around financing the Rose Window restoration and the parish hall redevelopment. We voted to approve the Good Samaritan School for missions funding and heard more about the St. Nicholas Festival (Dec. 5th) and Cambridge Symphony Benefit for the Food Pantry (Dec. 12th).  Holly reported on plans regarding Judith’s departure at the end of the year, staff evaluations,  Did Millien--our new seminarian intern, increased lay preaching, and several St. James’s weddings. As always, please don't hesitate to contact any of us with any questions.



For years, our altar guild has carefully bundled our memorial flowers at the end of each service to give to those with special celebrations or trials that week.  It was a labor of love, but now we’re going to try something new! We’re going to spread the love! The flower arrangement will be brought down to the coffee hour and anyone and everyone may take a flower or two – whatever you need – to share with those in need of a flower in your life outside church.  Eucharistic visitors can take a flower to those they’re bringing communion.  If you have a sick relative, you can bless them with flowers!  If you yourself need to note a celebration, take a flower! That way, the gift of our flowers extends far into our surrounding community, through our hands!


After a busy summer of cooking lessons, canoe rescue training, summer camp, and a 12-day backpacking trip in New Mexico, Troop/Crew/Post 56 (aka "Scouting Collective 56") began the new Scouting year on Sept. 2. Meetings are every Tuesday at 7 pm at St. James Church. Scouting Collective 56 serves youth ages 11 to 21 and welcomes families to come to a Tuesday night meeting to learn more about our program that offers outdoor experiences, personal and leadership development, and friendship. Every month during the school year, we take one weekend trip, and the September trip will be canoeing near Falmouth, MA, the weekend of Sept. 13-14 -- an excellent trip for new-comers and prospective members. For more information, contact Robin Bonner, Crew Advisor, at 617-497-8463.

Reaching the 12,441-foot summit of Mount Baldy in Philmont, NM this summer


After an exciting and challenging hiking trip with Scouting Collective 56 in Philmont, New Mexico this summer, Zoe McNerney, long a member of the Greenleaf Choir/Gospel Schola and Church School participant at St. James’s as well as member of the wonderful Scouting Collective 56 we charter at St. James’s, Zoe stayed on in New Mexico, the only girl among a group of boys from Scouting Collective 56, an extra 10 days to participate in NAYLE (National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience).  True to this training, last Tuesday, Zoe got elected youth President of the Troop for the fall term!  Liz will be “Parent Coordinator” (in addition to continuing to teach in our Church School!).  And Gwei-Gwei Strong-Allen and Christina Millien, also Gospel Schola members and Church School participants with us, have been meeting with the Scouts and went canoeing last weekend with them on Cape Cod.  Any boys out there who’d like to sign on?  This is a troop that raises up Eagle Scouts every year: two young men, Jacob Klibaner & Brian Zick, will be made Eagles at a Court of Honor over Thanksgiving weekend.  This is a truly vibrant and wonderful Scout troop.  Don’t miss the chance for your child also to grow in leadership and love and stewardship of the created world!



Reed Carlson is the Transitional Deacon at St. James's and a Doctoral Student in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Harvard Divinity School. He's passionate about teaching the Bible in a way that is theological, thrilling, and thought-provoking. Reed enjoys traveling overseas, cooking, pursuing the perfect cup of coffee, and biking in the city. He is married to Britta Meiers Carlson, a candidate for ordination in the ELCA and a Mission Developer with Latino communities in the New England Synod.


St. James's congregation is a place of boundless energy for God's Mission both within the framework of congregational ministries and far outside that framework.  Individual members raise funds for school initiatives, non-profit efforts, overseas missions, environmental justice advocacy, and so much else, in addition to supporting the operating budget of St. James's and our Growing Together Fund for the furnishing of our soon-to-be new parish house.  A significant proportion of our annual operating funds -- 4.5% -- goes to support our Helping Hand Food Pantry and its 1/3-time Director, the Rev. Dr. Karen Coleman.  Another 5.5% supports a wide variety of grants through the Missions Committee to overseas missions efforts, all with congregational connections, such as the Haitian orphanages of Ministries of Aides International, with whom St. James's choir member and Lay Eucharistic Visitor Yvette Verdieu is active, or Kenya Self Help Project, with Hospitality Committee member Sarah Forrester a founder, which helps Kenyan girls stay in school. 1% of our budget supports our membership in the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization. Still more goes to the diocese through our assessment.  All together, a total of 16% of our annual budget goes to mission outside the congregation.

Because we fund so substantially missions outside our pastoral life within the congregation, our Vestry has adopted a policy that specifically requests that public fundraising at Announcements & Celebrations or through the Sunday News be limited ONLY to initiatives already formally adopted by the Vestry or our diocese - such as the Walk for Hunger or the Life Together Micah Fellowship.  We do allow individuals in the congregation to solicit other individuals privately for funds for individual mission efforts (though not for personal financial difficulties, for which we have a Rector's Discretionary Fund).  But in order to prevent subjecting the congregation to a confusing plethora of funding requests, we ask that any individual member hoping to fundraise for an individual mission initiative obtain permission from the Rector and Vestry before soliciting the congregation publicly.  The Vestry's Mission Fundraising Policy is on our website under Missions Committee, and can be accessed here:



To help keep our nursery space as safe as possible, please keep the door to the sacristy (and bathroom) closed until the distribution of communion.  Thanks for your help with this.



WELCOME to this celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the joyful feast of Jesus. Here, he meets us and calls us God’s own beloved people:

        As we gather as a diverse, multicultural and international community, we witness to the wideness of God’s mercy towards the whole world;

        As we read and reflect upon portions of the Bible, we seek God’s wisdom for our lives and find ourselves, each one of us, invited to follow Jesus;

        As we give thanks and draw near around the Table, we participate in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, who lived among us, full of grace and truth, died on the cross and rose again to reveal the depth of God’s might and kindness with and for us and for all;

        As we sing praise, pray for those in need, and take turns to lead parts of the liturgy, we learn ministry – a call to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and to strive for justice and peace and respect the dignity of every human being – that we carry into our daily lives at home, at school, at work, in our local community, and abroad;

        As we gather around our presiding priest, we are linked to other congregations around the Diocese of Massachusetts, and to Christian communities throughout the world who gather, like and unlike us, to celebrate God’s presence in word and sacrament.


Throughout the service, you will see people sit, kneel, and stand at different times. You will be asked to sing many varieties of music, some even in parts. Let the congregational singing carry you until you are ready to join in. You will also see children toddling around; allow them to help you feel comfortable. Please know that there is no one “right” way to participate, and join in as is best for you.

All, without exception, are welcome to share in the sacramental gifts of bread and wine. At St. James’s, it is our custom to join a procession and stand or kneel at the communion station, receiving from the Eucharistic ministers. If, for any reason, you do not wish to receive communion but would prefer to receive a personal word of blessing, please cross your arms across your chest or otherwise make this known to the minister at the station, who will pray with you.


The Holy Eucharist is also called Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, and Mass.

You may find that the worship invites you deeper.  Consider joining the Sunday Bible Study at 9 AM or one of our other prayer or study groups during the week.  Ask the Rector, Holly, about Confirmation Class.  Find out about us by going to our website,, and signing up for our weekly Sunday News.



To celebrate the diversity of our congregation and learn a little more about the cultures of our members, we’d like to feature our church families through food during some of our coffee hours. Last year we featured the cuisine of members from the south, Haitian members, as well as those from Pakistan and Costa Rica. We have made latkes (a traditional Jewish dish for the holidays), we tasted Irish soda bread, and Chinese noodles, to name a few.  

We would like to honor each member or cultural group at our church as we learn more about each other, so please let us know how we can celebrate your culture and you. –Marietta Sbraccia.



Judith Atkinson, Associate Rector for Church School and Family Life at St. James is working 1/3 time and her office days will be Friday afternoons for the rest of this year.



At our website, under the “About” section, you can download a copy of the End-of-Life Planning Booklet.  It includes information on funeral and burial, medical directives, forms for financial and legal information and even a form to help you prepare to write a will and designate your beneficiaries.


We’re happy to assist anyone who would like our help.  You can leave copies of your medical directive and funeral and burial plans with us in our secure file in the Rector’s office, in addition to sharing them with relatives, friends and your doctor, so that we can be an effective part of your support team.  Please call our Office Manager at 617.547.4070 or email or download your own copy from our website



St. James’s has had a long tradition of congregation-members writing musical settings for our weekly Psalms.  There has been and continues to be so much musical talent and skill in our congregation that it would be a shame not to bring it out and share it with others!  It is not every congregation that has been blessed in this way--we are glad indeed!  May God have the glory!


We hope to continue this tradition for a very long time here at St. James's.   The Worship Commission thought it would be a good idea to put our energies into a renewed season of composing new settings for Psalms.  This is especially appropriate since we are using a newer lectionary (the Revised Common Lectionary) which was not in use when we began our project years ago.  What this means is that we currently use many Psalms for which we did not write settings. And that means we are in need of composers to step up and write new Psalm settings!


Please speak with Margot Chamberlain at about what Psalms are available. Pat Michaels can assist with some of the musical process.  Enjoy writing!



Don’t miss the comprehensive St. James’s Online Calendar for the coming months at our website, Please let us know if your ministry or activity is not yet on the calendar, and give us a short description and a name and phone/email for contact. 

If you plan an activity and need to reserve time and space on the Parish Calendar, please email the office at or during office hours. Or come into the office to make arrangements and to leave contact information: name, phone number and email address.



Please recycle Sunday bulletins and music!  Place them in the containers on the desk in the vestry room or in the containers in the back of the church. Thank you.





Are you curious about the Prison Ministry? Come learn more at the monthly team meeting, Sunday, OCT 5, following the 10:30 Service. Please note that the date of the next meeting is Sunday OCTOBER 5. Hear a report on the latest visit by our team with Keora, our mentee at MCI Framingham.  COME LEARN ABOUT WHY WE ARE CELEBRATING KEORA!  HELP US ENVISION THE UNKNOWN ROAD AHEAD! SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS!  WE LIKELY WILL HAVE TWO STUDENTS THIS FALL, ONE IN REENTRY AND ONE IN PRISON! Learn also about Partakers, Click on “The Difference We Make” for a great video.  How does it enable our work?  For more information email Tom Tufts at or talk with Tom at Coffee Hour.  



Episcopal City Mission is a faith-based ministry which promotes social and economic justice working through congregations, community-based organizations and people within the Diocese of Massachusetts, with special emphasis on the urban poor and oppressed.

1.      FAITH AND THE BALLOT - The Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition is hosting several forums on the four questions that will appear on the November 4th ballot. Come hear what each question proposes, as well as both sides of the discussion—on gas tax, recycling, casinos, and sick time for employees. Join us at one of three locations:  Boston (Old South Church, 645 Boylston St) on October 22. All events will be held from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, with dinner provided. Register to attend at and follow us online #faithandballot. Consider, explore, and share how your faith will influence your vote this November! Please contact Lydia Strand with any questions:

2.      I VOTE TO BUILD THE BELOVED COMMUNITY - ECM is excited to join the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) in supporting the "Beloved Community Campaign," led by the Youth Jobs Coalition. The Beloved Community Campaign is a campaign to increase voter education and participation in low income communities. The Youth Jobs Coalition is offering to train teams of volunteers to help build this effort. Join us at St. Mary’s Church in Dorchester on Wednesday, October 15th from 6pm to 8pm to learn from teens of the Youth Jobs Coalition about how to do voter engagement and to actively participate in the canvassing efforts. If you would like to attend this event, please RSVP to our new Emmaus Fellow Lydia Strand ( ASAP!

For more information email Tom Tufts at or talk with Tom at Coffee Hour.  



Every Tuesday, from 4:30-6:30, St. James's provides a wholesome meal and good company to 10-15 women and children at Friend's Meeting House in Cambridge. The women who come are all low-income, often with mental health problems; they tell us that our meal is the best in town! Volunteer cooks from St. James's and the community provide the food. Volunteers are always needed from St. James's, to help with the meal and sit and chat with the women.  We would love to have you join us in providing this service; if interested, please talk to Carolyn Taylor or Anne Shumway after church on Sundays, or call either one of us:  Carolyn- (617) 623-2631 or , or Anne- (617) 491-7986.



The Outdoor Church departs each Sunday at 9am to hold worship in Pigeon Park and to distribute sandwiches once a month. For more information and to find out how you can help the ministry, please visit for more information.



We need people who can devote three-and-a-half hours to shadowing our Food Pantry Executive Director Karen Coleman and learning the ropes of the Pantry’s operation at the Fresh Pond Apartments, 362 Rindge Ave., Cambridge. The Food Pantry is held each Tuesday (4 to 6 PM), Thursday (11 AM to 1 PM) and Saturday (10 AM to noon).  There is about an hour’s set-up and perhaps a half-hour clean-up for each Pantry session. Karen is looking to train up to three volunteers who would be able, if needed, to pinch-hit for her on occasion, overseeing her highly competent, experienced volunteers, so that she knows she has back-up if she needs it.  This is your opportunity to meet a lot of fascinating folks on both sides of the Food Pantry counter, and to see St. James’s outreach in action.  If you think you could help, please call Karen at 617.899.6682 or email at Of course, food donation from St. James's parishioners are ALWAYS appreciated!  Just bring them to the big baskets below the chancel steps and we’ll make sure they get to the Pantry!





We’ve posted a slideshow of exciting plans for the new Parish House and up on the website. Please visit to take a look!



Some of the more adamant critics among our neighbors who oppose our Parish House project as it had been approved by the City of Cambridge, the Cambridge Historical Commission and the MA Historical Commission have filed yet another suit, this time alleging that the MA Historical Commission failed to fulfill their protective mandate. Our Oaktree developer partner has filed a motion to dismiss this further suit and we are hopeful that the judge will perceive that the dismissal of all previous suits has settled all issues related to our project. We hope to see progress soon and will report it here and on the website. 





Eucharistic Visitors offer the holy ministry of "extending the table" to those who are homebound or ill. EVs offer word of God's love and a healing presence on behalf of the congregation to people who may feel lonely or uneasy. EVs are trained and licensed by the Diocese, then commissioned by their parish. St. James's has a strong team engaged in this ministry.  If you might be interested in joining them, please make an appointment to talk it over with Holly at  Eucharistic Visitor training will be offered on Saturday, Oct. 25th at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Watertown. The training runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided, but please bring your own lunch. Parking is on the street (Russell Ave.). Please note that CGS has a wheelchair accessible ramp into the building but does not have a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Please mark your calendar now and watch for registration information soon and in FYI.



As the St. James’s family grows, we find ourselves needing more Sunday volunteers; Welcomers, Chalicers, intercessors, acolytes and readers. If you’ve just joined St. James’s, this is a great way to get to know people! Lay Eucharistic Visitors bring communion to those unable to attend church, to extend the blessings of our communion and community to include them. The Diocese provides the training and St. James’s must provide a CORI check. The cost for training is $40, but there are scholarships available if necessary. If you are interested in participating in the Eucharist, or would just like more information about training, please contact our office manager at



We’re going to try to help make the Sunday News a bit more readable to newcomers and long-timers alike: we’re going to put time-sensitive articles in BLUE for anyone reading the Sunday News in e-format, and keep the basic information needed by newcomers – things like our policy on Facebook, how to become a liturgical minister, and our redevelopment basics – in blackIf you are a long-timer cruising through to pick up the most urgent or fresh items, look for the BRIGHT BLUE ARTICLES!



Sadly, several of us had items stolen during worship recently, right in the church.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected, and to the desperate person who used our Holy Thanksgiving ("Eucharist") as a time to steal from others.  Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence in urban churches. Please protect your belongings carefully, even when you are in church! 





Prayers for loved ones near and far are very important.  Sometimes, however, people forget to update us in the office about those on our weekly prayer list.  We update the prayer list on the first Sunday of every month. If you wish your loved ones to remain on the list for the next month, please let us know by noon of the last Thursday of the previous month that you wish us to continue our prayers, and we will keep their names on our list.  THANK YOU!


We pray for those who are preparing for / have recently been married:

Gwen Crevensten & Guibenson Hyppolite, Kazue Murata & Guy Evans, Michael Proscia & Susan Tweed, Thomas Wohlers & Melissa Millner, Jason Sparapani & Carolyn Doyle, JT Kittredge & Charles Morehead.




We Pray for Those Who Are Nominated to Holy Orders:

Nicholas Hayes, Mary Beth Mills-Curran, and Isaac Martinez, nominated as postulants to the priesthood.


We Give Thanks for the Consecration of our new Bishop, Alan Gates, Saturday September 13th !


We Pray for Those Who Have Asked for Our Prayers:

For Jeff Klein (friend of the Walters Youngs), for Julian and Elaine (Alan Aukeman’s parents), for Cheryl Price (friend of Kathy Udall), Julie O’Connor, Tarai (Anne Shumway’s granddaughter), Zoe Fowler and her husband Nathan & daughters Maya & Iola, Eliza Petrow, Amber Sarpy-Lora and Roberto Lora & their son Mateo, John Ogden (friend of Holly Antolini), Margaret Ferry (grandmother of Thomas Wohlers), Arne Nystrom, Mabel Moore Pollard, Carole Belgrade, Romy Verdieu (Yvette Verdieu’s daughter), Asher Lipson (friend of the Massie family), Maria Barao, Cheryl Etorinu (friends of Eric Maynard), Delia Machore, Shari Moy, Hugh T. Owen (brother of Cynthia Owen), Phil Benson, Leslie Chandler (friends of Carole Belgrade), Mateo Torres, our bishop, Tom Shaw, Anne Holmes (daughter-in-law of Ken & Mary Holmes and wife of David), Jessica Sollee, Bill Reeves and his wife Jane (parents of Hannah Reeves), Emilienne Jules, Ken Holmes, Cynthia Owen, Olga Best (Aunt of Elaine Agard), Kathy Udall, Roger Shumway, Vida Carrington, Susan Robinson, Joan Hawkesworth, Lynne Campbell, Trevor DeCourcy-Dawe and Grace Dawe (Mabel Moore Pollard's nephew and sister), Pamela Bergquist; Maya DeBorst, Emily Sunderland, Frances Williams (Bob Estes’ mom), Susanne Carrington, Pat Haynes, Bob Massie, Florence Stanley, Barbara Butler, Lisa McDonnell, Helen Stott.  We pray for all soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and veterans who are recovering from physical and mental harm sustained in the wars, for the victims of Ebola virus, and for children caught in the conflict over illegal immigration.


We Pray for Those Who Have Died

We pray for those who are dying of Ebola in West Africa or in war in Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria & Libya. We also pray for Stephen Byus, Major Michael J. Donahue, and Sergeant Charles C. Strong who were recently killed in Afghanistan.


The flowers are given to the glory of God and in memory of June Fifield and Constance Milton. To donate memorial flowers – in memory of loved ones or in thanksgiving for birthdays, anniversaries or other life transitions – please contact Carolyn Taylor, Flower Committee at 617-623-2631 or email her at



St. James’s has a small list of people who offer intercessory prayer whenever a parishioner lets us know of a particular prayer need.  We communicate requests very simply by email.  Would you like to join this ministry?  Please let Judith know at Or perhaps you have a prayer request you would like us to add to our intercessions?  Please call or email the office at 617.547.4070 or, and please let us know whether you’d like to have a name added to the Parish Prayer List, or are requesting intercession from the Healing Prayer ministers, or both.  We’re glad to support our church family in prayer.



And Don’t Forget:

Thanks for Wearing Nametags!

Please remember to wear your nametag and help encourage others to do so, too. Wearing our nametags is important as a gesture of hospitality to every person who walks into St. James's, newcomers and old friends alike. Nametag supplies are in the vestry and the entries into the sanctuary.

All announcements for the Sunday News must be submitted by Wednesdays at noon.

Email the office at

Have an addition or correction to the prayer list? Email the office by Wednesday at noon.

REMINDER: Parish office hours are just Monday through Thursday from 9AM-1PM. If you email or leave a voicemail after 1pm on Thursday, the office will not receive it until Monday morning.


Readings for next Sunday, October 5th, St. Francis Day Celebration and Blessing of the Animals: Galatians 6:14-18, Psalm 148:7-14, Matthew 11:25-30.