Ruth and Jim Padilla DeBorst

Missionaries to Latin America 

Ruth, Jim, Maya, Anton, Jonathan, Maria Isabel, Luana and Natalia

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New Year 2016 Pondering with James & Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Some New Year pondering...

This planet 
we did not inherit 
from our ancestors.
We are borrowing it
from future generations.

So commercial Christmas has come and gone with all its fuss and flurry, tinsel and trappings. And before the New Year rolls in, perhaps we can take a moment for a deep, deep, refreshing breath. And for some deep pondering. Pondering at the wonder of God stepping into our fussy, flurried world. Pondering what that might mean for our life in this gorgeous and pained planet... Perhaps, as we set new goals and dream new dreams  for 2016, we might choose to quit accumulating debt with our kids and grand kids and commit instead to caring for the world God so loves and to working so that every living being may be at home in it. 

Photo: Playa Zancudo, Península de Osa, Costa Rica, December 29, 2015

Yearly briefs

Between accidents, surgeries, illnesses, and a dissertation-in-the-making, 2015 has been a challenging year for our family. So the last few days of family fun and refreshment have been very welcome ones. Although we miss the 2 who could not make it, we are grateful to have 4 of our 6 kids home for a few days, along with grandkids from El Salvador and other friends.

Jonathan (home from Olympia, WA), Luana (home from New York), Natalia (last one at home!), Anton (home from Houston). Hopefully next time: Maya (in Boston) and Maria Isabel (in Bogotá, Colombia). 

With gratitude,
Jim and Ruth Padilla DeBorst
with Natalia

A HUGE word of thanks to churches and friends who are faithfully and generously giving! We are still significantly underfunded. So would you please pray and consider if you are able to (further) support our ministry? 

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Feliz Navidad from the Padilla-DeBorsts

Unto us a child is born

“Merry Christmas”, the greeting automatically rolls off people’s tongues and jingles through crowded malls full of stressed consumers. We are told this is the season to be merry, joyful, happy… But I wonder:  have you ever tried to measure water with a ruler? Well, sometimes we attempt to evaluate happiness with the measure given to us by our consumer society. Happy is the person who has all she desires, a house of her dreams, the body of a model, the cutest kids, the power job. Happy is he whose health, future and success is insured. Happy are those whose security is guaranteed.

The story of Christmas, however, offers us another measure. This is an unlikely, surprising, even upsetting story: God, the Creator and Sustainer of all life, enters into human history not as a king or a victorious warrior, not as a successful merchant or a prestigious philosopher. “Unto us a child is born,” the prophet had anticipated. A poor child, born into a working class family. A refugee child. So unexpected was this choice that few recognized Jesus as the expected Messiah. Few saw in his lifestyle, his teaching, or his healing the coming of God’s rule of peace, justice and abundant life. We too today may be blinded by the mirages of our consumptive society to such an extend that we fail to recognize God’s work from below, from inside, from unlikely places and unexpected people.
This days, may God grant us another ruler to measure happiness. May God give us ears to hear, eyes to see, and enough trust in God’s unexpected provision that we may enjoy the happiness that does not depend on lights and gifts, food and mirages of security. May we enjoy the happiness of living as citizens under God’s rule, seeking first God’s justice and trusting God for all the rest.


That is the word for this season in Casa Adobe. Mayita, our youngest community member, turned three. Maria Isabel and Luana head into their last term in high school and Natalia is readying herself to be the only daughter of our family still in Costa Rica. Dear members of our community, Rachel and Kelsey, have moved on. There is loss in that change: their friendship, work, ideas and simple presence are sorely missed. But there is also joy, because after a season of learning and growth they are now ready to continue serving and stretching in new places. Both will spend a few months in the US, reconnecting with family and raising support for their new ministries in Central America as partner missionaries with Christian Reformed World Missions. Rachel will be working with Seeds of New Creation in El Salvador while Kelsey will join the Nehemiah Center team in León, Nicaragua. As some leave, others prepare to come for shorter and longer terms, as guests, volunteers, interns and missioners. Meanwhile, Maya continues in Boston, Anton in Kansas, and Jonathan in California.
Through it all we treasure your prayers for the educational efforts, for the cohort of missioners, for the continuity of the Bola Bola project and the young people who are heading it up, for relationships within our community and beyond, for adjustments and adaptations on everyone’s part as group dynamics change with new faces and new personalities, for shared vision, joy and laughter along with fruitful ministry.

For all your support, thanks! And please consider a year end gift; we REALLY need your support!

Looking ahead

2014 promises to be a year full of new challenges and opportunities. Among them:
  • The launching of the Masters in Urban Ministries, a joint effort of the Institute of Christian Studies (ICS, in Toronto) and CETI.
  • The expansion of CETI Diploma into Colombia and other countries
  • The inclusion of new students from around Latin America in the CETI Masters program.
  • The consolidation of the cohort of missioners, serving in various Central American countries.
  • Growing partnership with the Latin American Theological Fellowshiphttp://www.ftl-al.organd the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation

News from the Padilla-DeBorsts in Costa Rica...

Master's in Urban Ministry 

From Jim

I have been working recently—with the help of Joel VanDyke from Guatemala and Dawn Wolthuis, the President of the Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) in Toronto—on an exciting new opportunity for study here in Central America.  This new program will be a pilot ICS Master’s program in Urban Ministries. ICS would be working in conjunction with CETI, the Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies, and CTM Guatemala, the Center for Transforming Mission in Guatemala.  The idea is that this first pilot group (our guinea pigs, so to speak) will do all of their coursework in English while serving as volunteers in Latin American communities in Costa Rica and Guatemala, putting their classroom studies into practice.  While the details are still a bit on the fuzzy side, we have finally chosen a start date: January 2014!  Thankfully, that gives us a few months to dot all our i’s and cross all our t’s, as well as recruit our first group of willing students.  If you know anyone who would love to spend the year 2014 in Central America, serving while getting a Master’s Degree in Urban Ministries, PLEASE tell them about this amazing opportunity!  We can then get the ball rolling with CRWM and get them signed into the program.  I’m very excited about what opportunities and possibilities this program will bring, not only to our students but also to our communities! 

Family Whereabouts

From Ruth
As I write, our family of 8 is spread out in 5 different cities. Maya continues in Boston; Anton in El Salvador; Jonathan in Deep Springs College (California); Maria, Luana and Natalia at Casa Adobe (Santo Domingo, Costa Rica); Jim and I in Cartagena, Colombia.
The big –and for some surprising—family news is that we have just celebrated a wedding! No: none of our kids for now. Instead: my dad! Widowed for three-and-a-half years and now 80 years old, René has embarked on a new adventure with his new wife, Beatriz Alvarez. She will be leaving her native Colombia and her lawyering practice to join my dad in Buenos Aires. I never imagined I’d be walking my dad down the aisle! But in the midst of all the adjustments this change demands, we celebrate that it’s never too late for new life and love!
And as we all work, study, figure out vocations and live them out, we all continue learning, growing, and needing the prayers and support of our extended family and community.

Let's Talk

From Natalia

It’s not easy to keep children of many different ages to
listen to you, especially when they are not particularly interested in what you want to teach them. This past month we had a “taller”  (workshop) with most of the kids involved in the project, Bola bola. The point of this workshop was to help them with their presenting skills, both for the project in itself and the kid’s future necessities. The children who attended this event are between the ages of 6 and 14. They are very kind children who have an incredible amount of energy and for this reason have trouble sitting still. We decided to do this workshop in an interactive way, so that the kids may learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.

This workshop covered only 4 presentation qualities, which included, notes, projection, eye contact and body position. We played different games for each of them, such as making their voice heard over those of all the people surrounding them and molding others into the right body position. It was very interesting to watch the children do these activities, starting with their shyness and insecurity, which then ended with confidence. I could see how they were enjoying themselves, by their smiles and giggles when others would say or do something funny. I could see them soaking up the information we were giving them, trying to make sure they did not mess up in front of everyone. They were having fun and so was I watching them enjoy learning.

Once all the activities were over, we asked the general question: which were the four points we discussed here today? Most of them raised their hands, wanting to show of what they had learned, to show us how they knew it and they were paying attention. We felt that we had managed to teach them what we had planed on teaching them with much success and only hoped that in our next meeting with an adult they would employ these technics and make the presentation more formal in this way.

Prayer Requests

We ask for prayers for one of the community members here--Damaris--as she is considering leaving Casa Adobe along with her husband, Luis, and her daughter, Izayana.  We ask for wisdom and patience to be with all of us as we decide the next steps that need to be taken as well as God's love and peace to be with us no matter the outcome.

We ask for prayers of safety as Ginna, another member here at Casa Adobe, has gone to Michigan to work with the community at *culture is not optional ( a couple of months.  Pray that her time there is blessed and that she comes back to us healthy, happy and in one piece!

We also ask for prayers for Lady, one of our goats here, and her new baby Sage!  Sage was born just last week and is healthy and adorable.  Please pray that both mom and kid will continue to be healthy and happy here at Casa Adobe.

We Need Your Help

In the past, CRWM career missionaries had a support raising goal of 60% of the yearly worldwide average missionary cost. Now career missionaries will see the goal gradually rise to 90% of their individualized budgets. Newly appointed missionaries will need support commitments at 90% of their individualized budgets before being sent to the field. This new missionary support system will enable CRWM to replace retiring missionaries and send out new missionaries when they’re urgently needed.
The budget will cover basic needs and costs such as salary, taxes, housing, retirement contributions, insurance, travel to and from the field for the missionary (and spouse), and minimal support staff costs.  All other expenses (from continuing education and training to children’s travel and education expenses) will be “above basic costs” and will be funded by other means. 

Our budget for this coming year (July 2013-July 2014) is $128,124 with a minimum goal of $71,749.  Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach this goal?  For more information on what projects your financial contributions would help support, please visit



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