The Outdoor Church 

The Reverends Jed Mannis, Pat Zifcak, and Kate Layzer help lead The Outdoor Church in an offering of worship and communion to the community. They depart each Sunday at 9 am from St. James’s nave for Pigeon Park outside the Porter Square T Stop, and St. James’s houses their equipment and provides once-a-month sandwiches. ALL are WELCOME to join The Outdoor Church for worship – just show up at Pigeon Park!

Congregation members assist the Outdoor Church on the Fourth Sunday of every month by making 10 sandwiches to be distributed to Outdoor Church parishioners after their services (see above). This seems to me to be one of the ways in which we can heed Jesus’ plea that we feed the hungry. The favorites are egg salad, tuna salad, roast beef, turkey and ham and cheese. Congregation members in the Outdoor Church prefer white bread without mayonnaise or mustard for the meat sandwiches, which makes the preparation move much more quickly. Egg and tuna salad need mayonnaise, so that is fine. Please label them so that the servers know what they are passing out. You can leave them in the back corner of the church near the cabinet before the service.  If you have any questions, please contact Gail Doktor at 978-273-0308. All of us in The Outdoor Church so appreciate your help!

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