• The Rev. Matthew Stewart

Parish Staff

  • Patrick G. Michaels, Minister of Music 
  • Kevin Neil, Office Manager
  • Hong Chin, Sexton (857-998-2287)

Associate Priests

  • The Rev. Dr. Judy Gay, Priest Associate
  • The Rev. Dr. Robert K. Massie, Priest Associate
  • The Rev. Michele Torres, Priest Associate
  • The Rev. Dr. Katie Pakos Rimer, Priest Associate 
  • The Rev. Dr. James Weiss, Priest Associate
  • The Rev. Brock Baker, Priest Associate
  • The Revs. Jed Mannis, Pat Zifcak & Kate Layzer, Ministers for Outdoor Church


  • Lauren Rigsby, Sr. Warden    
  • Sarah Forrester, Jr. Warden 
  • Sarah Borgatti, Clerk
  • Lucas Sanders, Treasurer 
  • Susan Harris, Asst. Treasurer 
  • John Irvine, Asst. Treasurer    
  • Leah Giles '18    
  • Marian King '18 
  • Tom Tufts '18 
  • Betsy Zeldin '19
  • Alice Killian '20
  • Andrea Saltzman '20
  • Jean Clark '20


  • Pat Michaels, Liturgy and Music
  • Susan Harris, Altar Guild
  • Nancy McArdle, Ushers
  • Yvette Verdieu, Chalice Bearer Director
  • Kevin Neil, Lectors, Readers, Intercessors, Acolytes, Lay Eucharistic Visitors
  • Marian King Youth Acolyte Trainer


  • Alice Killian, Vestry Coordinator of Church School
  • Kate Sackton, Church School - Lower Grades
  • Jules Bertaut, Church School - Upper Grades
  • Judy Gay, Sunday Morning Bible Study Group
  • Tom Tufts, Book Group & Education for Ministry 


  • Kevin Neil, Webmaster
  • Kate Hornstein, Welcoming Committee
  • Andrew Rohm, 20s & 30s Group
  • Elaine Agard, Hospitality Committee
  • Judy Beers, St. Nicholas Festival
  • Marian King, LGBT Fellowship


  • Kendall Gideon, Helping Hand Food Pantry
  • Nancy McArdle, Missions Committee
  • Gail Doktor, The Outdoor Church of Cambridge
  • Tom Tufts, St James's Prison Ministry Committee and Partakers
  • Sylvia Weston, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization


  • John Irvine, Holy Currencies Committee
  • Lucas Sanders, Treasurer
  • John Irvine, Finance Committee & Assistant Treasurer
  • Susan Harris, Assistant Treasurer


  • Jeff Zinsmeyer & Ric Dumont, Co-Chairs