Sponsor the Sunday flowers in the name of your loved ones 

To donate memorial flowers in memory of loved ones or in thanksgiving for birthdays, anniversaries or other life transitions, please email the office at office@stjames-cambridge.org or call at 617-547-4070 to consult about available dates. The cost is $50; to submit a payment, please make out your check to St. James's Altar Guild and indicate "Flowers" on the memo line. Checks can be mailed to St. James’s, Attn: Memorial Flowers or deposited in the Sunday collection plate. 

Our flower ministry extends to the community: Take one and share!

For years, our altar guild has carefully bundled our memorial flowers at the end of each service to give to those with special celebrations or trials that week.  It was a labor of love, but now we’re going to try something new! We’re going to spread the love! The flower arrangement will be brought down to the coffee hour and anyone and everyone may take a flower or two – whatever you need – to share with those in need of a flower in your life outside church.  Eucharistic visitors can take a flower to those they’re bringing communion.  If you have a sick relative, you can bless them with flowers!  If you yourself need to note a celebration, take a flower! That way, the gift of our flowers extends far into our surrounding community, through our hands!