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A Letter from Jodi (May 2 2013)

Dear Family and Friends, 

I've just posted to my blog (www.onthegroundinburundi.org) about a reconciliation we've been able to help facilitate in the family of one of the students we're sponsoring. She's a bright, talented girl I taught upcountry, and for the last couple of years, her father has been beating her severely enough to rouse the concern of his rural neighbors and extended family. Bringing her to Bujumbura for senior high school was partly in response to this home situation. You'll see in the post how things worked out during a long meeting we held yesterday between father and daughter, supported by other community members. I am deeply grateful for what I think this meeting accomplished, and the possibilities it opens for transforming a whole family dynamic. 

In my own news, my State Department English Language Fellowship has been renewed for a second year, which allows me to keep supporting myself by working in education here as we develop our vision and network for On the Ground in Burundi. I now have several Burundians advising me, and you'll read in my blog post about the help we got yesterday from a senior pastor in the Quaker church, who mediated the father-daughter meeting with tremendous skill and warmth. I hope that you're well and finally getting some good weather in the U.S. and Canada. I'm holding Boston in my heart as I follow the sad developments of the marathon bombing. At the same time, it's great to see how generously people have contributed to helping the victims. We can do terrible things, and we can do wonderful things as human beings. Let's keep choosing wonderful. 

Much love,