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A Letter from Jodi (Oct. 5th, 2013)

Dear Family and Friends,

Another school year has begun in Burundi, and the students we're sponsoring are moving forward: two in university, five in senior high school, and two in junior high. Please take a look at my latest blog posting to read about how three of our senior high students are doing in their new schools:www.onthegroundinburundi.org.

I've recovered well from my thyroid surgery three months ago. My voice is getting stronger, and I'm back teaching at the University of Burundi, where I'm finally able to offer the American Literature course that was postponed back in May because of student strikes. It's fascinating to hear how Burundian students respond to such 19th-century American classics as "Rip Van Winkle," "Young Goodman Brown," and "Little Women" -- the surprise favorite in a class made up largely of young men. 

I hope you're well also, and would love to hear your news. 

With warm love from the heart of Africa,